Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another flashback

I can't believe I never updated all these pictures.  I'm looking through album after album of pictures I had every intention of uploading, and never got around to.  So sad, especially since the memories are fading.
But here's one that melts me.  Jamison came home after a long day at school and wanted more than anything to cuddle with Emma bean before bedtime.  So he climbed right on in, and it took some serious maneuvering to get himself out of there!  They are so cute together.  :)



Around April of last year Emma came down with a really bad rash all over her tummy and back, and it was so bad she was itchy all over and super fussy.  She was about 5 months old.  As a result of her discomfort, we continually gave her oatmeal baths, and dressed her in big baggy shirts courtesy of Uncle Benjamin.

  Seeing her in these baggy shirts gave J an idea...and he got a little creative....

                                         Always keeping it classy over here......  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dying right now.

Going through old pictures tonight trying to decide which to upload on the blog for my BIG catch up, and I came across this one of her at 10 months.  Cracks. me. up.   I love her. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I have like 9 posts that have been saved as drafts because I'm slow at uploading pictures....  but the posts are there, and we're finally getting lots of 2012 pictures uploaded so I'll have them up this weekend *hopefully*.  For my memory's sake, here's a list of posts that need uploading.
1. Valentines day 2012
2. Jamison's first Father's day
3. 4th of July
4. Thanksgiving
5. Emma update (months 1 thru 12 pictures up and stats).
6. Christmas
7. New Years
8. Work
9. House craft updates

Whew!  Lots to do.  I'm hoping to knock out 1 through 4 by tonight. And the rest by Monday.  Let's see how much catching up I can do.  I'd better get off the couch and get busy!