Monday, July 26, 2010

NEXT Saturday!!!

Am I weird???

(On second thought, Don't answer that...)

At church, at home, and amongst friends conversations are going like so:

them: "Wow, 2 weeks until you are married!"
me: "'s NEXT Saturday!"
them: "um...that's the same thing."
me: "Nope, completely different. 2 weeks is like 2 Saturday is like 'Wow, right around the corner' type deal."'s been 4 months...please just humor me and say, "WOW, it's next week!!" thanks! :)

In all seriousness though: I am very happy to be marrying my sweetheart next {week}. I can't believe that the time has come so quickly! I have no idea where this summer has gone. Matthew's been home for 3 months already, Jamison for 5. It still seems as though they both just returned, yet it also feels as though they've never been gone. Kind of a weird feeling, but it feels wonderful to have everything working out like it is.
It will be wonderful to have all of our loved ones from near and far gathered together for the first time in years.
It almost feels unreal for this to be really happening to me. But, I'm sure many people feel this way when they're preparing to marry. You wait your whole life to be with your other half, and then when it's happening, it feels like you're dreaming a dream you don't ever want to wake from. This is MY dream come true.

We received all our pictures back from the shoots we took in Utah (photos will come soon...probably after the wedding since we've been BUSY these few weeks prior to the big day.) But be looking forward to those...I REALLY like a lot of them and think that the photographer did a good job capturing our personalities (especially Jamison's) see what I mean later. :)

For now, we're working on the last minute details: uploading pictures, hemming dresses, preparing the apartment, etc. This is such fun for me! Some of the best days of my life!!! Bring on the wedding!!! :) :) :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Missing him...

[These days have been a little hard on me.]

Jamison's been working 2 jobs that have taken up the grand majority of his time and energy. Therefore, I hardly ever see him...and when I do, he's absolutely exhausted.

Today, for instance...he worked from 8am to 12am (as in midnight) and then came over for a quick bite...and ate half asleep. Then left to sleep, just to wake up early the next morning and start anew.

It brings me much gratitude to see how hard he works...all for our little family that will very soon be united. How do you show someone, who does so much for you...who loves you with everything he do you show him how much you care? And how grateful you are?

I've been working as well at Kayenta Therapy Center as a receptionist, and truly enjoy being there. The BIG plus is that the days are flexible. If I need a day off at the last minute, I can usually take it off. Also, during school time, I am able to do homework and my studies during down time, whereas at previous jobs I've held that was not even an option. So it's a big blessing to have the job that I do, and to be able to work with such friendly and wonderful people...particularly Grandpa and Cherrie!!! Such a fun job! :)

In general, though life gets packed with things to do, and you find that there never seems time to get it all done..........Jamison and I are grateful for our jobs, and for the time we get to spend together. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Question:

How in the WORLD do I fix the playlist so it's not so big at the bottom??? Anybody know? Otherwise I'm just going to get rid of it.
Thanks bunches!!!


I LOVE this {boy}!
What would I do without my ANGEL?
Why hello everyone! Welcome to the newly made blog that will accompany us as we start our life together. My old blog-though not well known...and for good reason (I NEVER wrote on there because I was not all that interesting enough: not that I am now...but this will keep all my college pals caught up!)- will be leaving us and be kept for journalistic purposes.
Here is a list of To-Do's for the blog world once we've found time to do so:
1. The Proposal story (which is also our first date...yeah I'll explain later!)
2. Being prep
3. Engagement pictures in LV, St. George, and Salt Lake City
4. Meeting Pruitt/Hoskins Family!
5. Finding living quarters
6. BRIDAL shower!?!
...and SO much more!
I will try my very best to keep ya'll up to date on the going-ons in the Fernelius/Pruitt lives!
Welcome to our blog...enjoy! :)