Tuesday, February 15, 2011

best LOVE day.

I am not one that can be surprised easily. I knew when Jamison was coming down from St. George to propose last April. I knew when he was coming down to "surprise" me with the ring a few weeks later. I knew about a huge date night he was planning and tried ever so hard to act surprised...but he knew I knew. I always know what's going on. Which is why last night's {surprise} was absolutely amazing to me!
I did not expect it in the slightest! Jamison hung out with me all day at my work, and just stayed in a spare office doing homework. At lunch he took me to Sweet Tomatoes, which is always a YUM! And we came back to the office and got back to work - me with my office work, J-man with school.
During quiet periods of my day I went in to see how he was doing, and talk and spend time with my best friend.
This is how the day went.

At 5:45ish we started to pack all our stuff up, clean up the office, get things ready for the following day, and walked out to the car. As we were walking Jamison was telling me about a conversation he had just had with his brother on the phone about how J-man was a horrible baby.


So now I will have a whoppin 10 pounder and a trouble child...all thanks to my main squeeze. Needless to say Jamison and I are hoping our babies take from my side in that area....JUST in that area, and take everything else from their daddy-good looks, amazing personality, loving nature, hardworking, etc. I wasn't a "great" baby, but I was better than most of what J-man was telling me of his past...and I was 7 pounds-ish, so I would REALLY like that!

Anyway...back to where I was. We were talking about Jamison's baby troubles, and not really paying any heed to what we were doing, just throwing our bags in the car, and then I walked up to the passenger seat, opened the door and had a smile from ear to ear as I rested my eyes on this big ball of cuddle. (picture taken on our porch swing this morning.)
And I saw this little guy right next to him...clutching a beautiful white rose.
I was in HEAVEN. And Jamison had won. I told him he'd never be able to surprise me, so to see his face was priceless. We dropped whatever we had been saying at the moment, and we both just took it in...I had been defeated...and I was TOTALLY okay with that!
We immediately decided to call the big guy Snowy...and don't have a name for the little one.
I was so excited, he kept telling me it was the best to see my face.

Once we got in the car he drove us down to Olive Garden for dinner and, once we saw how packed it was, quickly changed our plans and went to Viva Mercado's for a wonderful Mexican dinner. After sharing a tostada, burrito, and flauta...and topped it off with fried ice cream (yummmmm) and went to our nice warm home to watch a movie.
Oh what a wonderful day it was. Jamison was my first Valentine (besides my daddy of course [love you daddy!!]) and I'm so grateful to have him for my only Valentine forevermore.

Here's to many more years of love with my one and only, sweet Jamison Parker Pruitt.

(I took the pictures with my ipod since my camera cord is still M.I.A., so the pictures may be a bit blurry). I took advantage of taking pictures of my bears this morning and took a couple quick pictures...the first is of our cute living room (I'm such a slacker, the Christmas decorations are still up. I LOVE our itty bitty tree that Grandpa gave us)
And this second picture is of our front room/dining area. I was in a hurry, so I forgot a picture of the outside of the house itself, but we really are in love with this house! So blessed to be here.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting there...

So, I found my camera! Saaaweet...but lost the camera cord.

...We're getting there...

Pictures to come soon. I'm gonna borrow my dad's camera cord today and upload like a crazy lady!

P.S. Big plans coming up for V-day. I have some cute ideas, but haven't had time this week to prepare any of them yet. And I have so many ideas that i can't narrow them down to just a few for my {Valentine}. It'll be interesting to see how it all turns out. Stay tuned....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday boy!

January 27th was J-boy's big 22nd birthday! For his first birthday being married I wanted to take him to the Lion King show at Mandalay Bay. I was listening to the radio at work one day this last December and heard about a saaaweet deal for a 2 for 1 price and couldn't pass it up! So I got the tickets for the Saturday after his birthday.
Try as I might, he is JUST like my dad in that he can guess what he's given without even being given a hint of any kind. I wanted to make it a surprise....but if he really is like my father, that will NEVER happen. Oh well, I'm accepting it.

We had SUCH a fun time! Jamison and I both love disney movies, and we were both SO captured by the songs, the actors, everything! And we were in the perfect spot too. It was oh so much fun! I'm a nerd though, and forgot to take pictures, though we carried the camera around with us! Oh well, I'm more of a, "live in the moment" type girl anyway.

Life is good. Time is short. Work is tedious.

C'est la vie!