Thursday, July 14, 2011

24 weeks and counting

So we've hit the 24 week mark already. Last Saturday actually, so we're just about at 25. That means we're at 6 months, also known as our 3rd trimester (!!!). My little lady and I have 3 months left *roughly* until her due date. How excited am I?

There are NO words.

She's excited too! Kicking ALL the time. LOVE!!

So, here we are. Not the best pictures because they were taken on my ipod, but they're something.

20 weeks/ 5 months

24 weeks/6 months

We have picked a name and call her by it all the time. And I've told just about anyone that has asked me what her name is, but I still can't bring myself to announce it on fb or the blog. Oh'll be posted as soon as her first little "outside mommy" pictures are up in Oct/Nov.

I am HAPPY. :)

I'm in heaven.

sigh. I always go too long without writing on here. But here we go, a few months later. he he

I LOVEE being pregnant! And I HATE being pregnant! contradicting myself much? I'll explain...

*feeling my little angel kick and squirm and do all the little things she does while she chills in the belly.
*imagining how much bigger she gets each time I take a belly picture and compare it with the past to see how much bigger I'm getting.
*seeing other people smile as soon as they see my monster of a makes me all happy inside.
*being married and being pregnant. What would I do without my J-boy?
*being pampered and fussed over... That might sound weird. But it I laugh everytime someone fusses over me, and it makes me happy...knowing that they care enough to help me take care of my body and all that it's doing.
*knowing that there's a little someone with me all the time! Oh how i love that!
*smiling waking up in the morning to the feel of her kicking me to wake me up. She's realized that i ignore my alarm for as long as possible, so now she'll kick to get me up, and she'll KEEP kicking until I actually get out of bed. love loveee
*seeing her cute little outfits hanging up in my closet.
*making her little rings and jewelry...I get so excited seeing how tiny everything is! Oh goodness...
*NOT feeling sick all day everyday anymore! SO glad that's over. It was yucky. :(

I HATE (0r stronglyyy dislike...)
*Not sleeping on my belly.
*not being able to SEE my feet! that one is still weird to me..
*that my belly button is turning into an outie.
*being swollen absolutely everywhere! I refuse to post a picture of anything BUT my belly.
*NOT having my baby here already. That's the biggest one.
*that it will end soon... another contradiction.
*being tired ALL the time, and having such little sleep when I am able to have it.

There are more loves than hates, which I'm happy about. Not going to lie, being pregnant can be toughhh, but I am sooo excited for the outcome. My little one will be here soon...I'm in heaven.