Friday, January 21, 2011

Substitute teaching

So, I am now qualified to be a substitute teacher, well...I have been qualified for about a year now, but have been working and doing various other things in my life like getting married and what not :). Anyway, I am starting the application process and am really excited about the actual potential of being able to be in the classroom doing what I LOVE to do!

It'll be a really fun and rewarding learning experience and I'm looking forward to it and hope everything with applying goes well.

I met with my old 5th grade teacher, who is now a principal, today and he gave me a lot of great pointers and tips, AND he even told me that there's work at his school for me as soon as I get my license! YAY! So, I'm just working hard to get to that point. Oh how fun it will be! I'll have recess again!

On another note: Jamison is my absolute favorite person ever! I don't know how I got so lucky! I know I posted about him in the previous post, but he really is such a wonderful man. He's better than I could have possibly dreamed, and I'm so soooo grateful he chose me as his eternal companion. :)

On a 3rd note: I am now the primary pianist and Jamison's the 6 & 7 year old teacher in primary. We are LOVING it, and I am personally anxious to finally learn everyone's names. I'm so used to knowing everyone, it's weird to only know 1 or 2 people, but we'll get there.

.....I'm definitely having some sleepless nights with everything going on, but if i can continue working with children it will all be worth it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm in love...

Jamison has a few days off this week, so he took me to work this morning and I casually suggested he stop by for lunch so we could be together. Later on he texted me to see what time to stop by for lunch, and I brushed it off and told him not to come.

But to my surprise he came anyway, and made me SO happy! I love being with my boy, and I was so happy to see him walk in the door of my office. He even dressed up all nice JUST. FOR. ME. I don't deserve this boy. I really really don't.

A trip to taco bell, and a few minutes filled with angry birds made my day. AND he decided to stick around the rest of the day since I go to lunch later in the day, that way once I'm done we can head on home.

What else can I say??? I'm in love.......

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I can't believe it!

I have NEVER won anything in my life.


And because of this I rarely enter contests because . . . well why do it if I'm always going to lose? right??? Well, I felt like giving it a shot the other day, and boy was it worth it.

I found a contest going on facebook with Pianoguys. The contest was to win either an apple iPod or iPad. First of all, I had no idea what either were to tell you the truth. But I did know that a lot of friends really enjoy theirs so I said to myself, "Hey self! Why not try it for kicks!" So once I stopped being a nerd talking to myself, I entered the contest and invited friends.

The drawing was held on December 20th, and low and's what they said,

"The Winner of the Apple iPod is... "Amy Fernelius Pruitt" CONGRATULATIONS!!!

email to claim it, and include the best number to call you."

I was SHOCKED! I didn't believe it. I had won an apple iPod! What was the next thing I did you ask? I went online, hopped on over to google, and searched for a good little while about what the apple iPod touch was really all about. Yeah I know, I am SO cool right?

So I received the iPod on the 23rd and have really enjoyed it since! My family enjoys doodling on it, and even the Jay man likes playing angry birds on it, which is so cute to watch! Anywho....long post made was such a neat gift, and I'm grateful to have it.

The pianoguys do contests often on facebook so take a look over there, who knows? You might be a first time winner too. ;) Did I mention they work with Jon Schmidt and have given away free tickets to see him perform?? mmmhmmmm..... :)

It really isn't about being lazy...

I SOOOO look forward to the day I can be a stay at home wife/mother. But not so I don't have to go to work, I actually really enjoy my job; but so I can better care for my sweet husband. I wish that I could be better now at the laundry, cooking, cleaning, AND having fun, but I am so lacking in every area. I work every day from 9am-6pm, but we leave the house at 7ish so Jamison gets to work on time, and I get dropped off at my parents so I can get a ride to work a little later. Jamison usually gets off of work a couple of hours before me, but is often caught up with paperwork to do, yardwork at our house, or other "manly" things...and by the time I'm off work he's either starving or has already made himself something quick to eat. So I very rarely cook dinner for the two of us, and usually just make up something quick or we stop and eat with the family before heading home....sad. I love spending time with my family, but I would love having dinner ready and waiting on the table for when the love of my life gets home from a hard day's work.
To top it off, I am usually pooped after work and have no desire whatsoever to do laundry, clean, or anything of the kind. I was okay when it would still be sunny outside when I got off work, but now that it's darker sooner, all my body wants to do is rest when I'm off for the night. I won't be a stay at home wife for some time though, so I have personally decided that my new years resolution is to be better at tending to the general needs of my sweetheart. I'm no super wife like most women I know, so I can't be working on scrapbooks in one room while having a roast in the oven, and a load of laundry going, and playing a game with the family... but I'll get there! Step by step I'll do the best I can in this game I call, *"Forget yourself and serve your man". We'll see how it goes! :) Help!

*He did NOT put me up to this, nor does he make it so I'm the only one doing the cleaning and such, actually it's quite the opposite. He serves me SO well, and it's time I do my part to the fullest and serve him unfailingly. Here's to feeling good about serving!!!