Wednesday, February 20, 2013

.pruitt littles.

okay.  i think i finally have emma's new blog up and running and ready to go.  i can't make any promises, but i am seriously going to try to keep her blog updated as much as possible.  i want to keep all of these sweet memories of her, and of course, our future little ones.  i still have a couple little kinks left to work on with the blog, but it's ready for the most part.  therefore, may i introduce:

here's to {hopefully} a more organized amy.  ...hopefully...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

.vday prep.

around mid-january i found a cute deal online to make some Valentines day decor.  i've been wanting to have a fun craft night with Tiff and Ash, and I thought this would be a fun activity for us to do, so i got enough for each of us to have our own set.  the girls came over the first weekend of february and we had a great time playing with Emma and painting.  we had way too much fun and spent around 4 hours just having a great time. hopefully we start doing this more often.  miss them.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

.more birthday fun.

tiffany's birthday was the 6th of this month, but since it was in the middle of the week everyone had different schedules - including the birthday girl - so we waited to celebrate on sunday the 10th.  she's 21!  i still can't believe that.  here are some pictures to commemorate her special day.

.birthday cake. 

 .Emma really likes hanging out with her aunts and uncles.
.when did he grow up?.
  . she was so excited about the cake she was doing a dance.
 .tiff had some help opening her gifts.

 .happy birthday tiff!.
 now stop growing up!

Friday, February 15, 2013

.emma news.

i'm been planning on making a blog just for emma, and future pruitt babes, to update on big and little things, all revolving around our babies.  as soon as the blog is up and running i will post the link on here for others to enjoy, particularly family near and far.  she changes so much every day.  she is learning and growing and loving life.  she truly is our love and everyday joy.  and i'm so excited to finally have it centralized in one place. 

it's gonna be great.  so so excited to start organizing a bit more with the blog world.  i'll update as soon as i can.  for now...time to go get it all set up and running. 

have a fantastic friday, and an even better long weekend. 

for the sake of picture love, here's a few of emma playing hide and seek before bedtime. 

                                                                                                        .love her. 

.let's celebrate.

i'm all about celebrating whenever someone has a birthday around here, and january 27th was J's birthday.  he's the most fun to celebrate with, in my humble opinion.  ;)  i wanted to take him to eat and get him a new outfit or something.  we've been wanting to try the oh so popular Max Brenner and i thought it was the perfect time to try it out.  so, i made reservations the week before and planned to go on the 26th since his birthday fell on a sunday this year. 

i was giddy, mostly because he had absolutely no clue where we were going.  he always guesses what we're going to do before we do i was thrilled he couldn't get it right this time. 

we drove down, and by the time we got to caesars he knew what we were there for.  seriously, i'm sad he haven't been there before now.  it was so good.  so deliciously good.  i would have licked the plate if i could.  he had a brenner burger.  i had a sloppy joe type thing.  and we topped off dinner with a yummy "sharing" fondue.  SO good.  so so good. 

then we stopped over at h&m and got him a couple of button up shirts that he's been wanting.  and we followed up by running an errand - dropping the laptop off at best buy to get fixed (still not working).  and then headed for home.

such a great night.  we ended it with a little cup of hot chocolate with heart marshmallows, popcorn, and richie rich.  he's been wanting that movie for a while.  loved it as a little boy so he wanted to relive the memories.  he lovedd it!  score! 

birthday morning he had his requested breakfast, a few kisses from emma and mommy.  and a nice relaxing day at church with a couple of love notes.
 i wrote him a love note from emma and i on a heart shaped paper.  and emma made painted footprints in the shape of a heart on a paper with a note on the side that said "from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes, i love you.  happy birthday daddy".  super cute idea from pinterest. he loved it.

we had a nice couple of days together.  filled with new happy memories.  a big thanks to my dad for watching emma for us while we were able to have saturday to ourselves.  i don't know what i'd do without my family there for me.  for us.  they are the best.  :)  happy belated birthday lover boy.  and here's to many many more together.

.love day.

J and I decided that we would celebrate Valentines day by going on a nice date next week since he had a final on the 14th, and I had to work until 4.  So, we didn't plan on anything.  I got home from work, put Emma down for a quick little power nap, and then my mom took Emma and I to get her a big girl potty chair.  

.way excited about that by the way.

We got back to my house by about 8pm, and we walked into the kitchen and found J standing there with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, dinner made, dishes washed, and this cute sign on the floor.

okay, if I haven't already said he's a keeper....there you have it.  i really thought the plan was to have a day to ourselves next week.  but seriously, I really needed this nice surprise.  i didn't need it extravagant or anything, i just needed to feel the love for a day because we currently have SO much on our plates right now and it can be really overwhelming.  and I've been sick for about a week now.  this was perfect.

perfect dinner.  he made this enchilada recipe from scratch the first time he ever cooked for me.  sweet memories.

.even Emma enjoyed daddy's surprise.

.she got a light up necklace and bubbles for vday and had a great time...

..until bedtime.  no more bubbles = sad emma.
after we fed and put the baby down we enjoyed dinner and watched a movie.  i really needed to be with my sweetheart after a long hard week.  this was perfect.

 i'd post a pic of J and I.  he looked amazing as usual.  I was sick.  with no makeup. and a sloppy bun.  no thanks.  So enjoy Emma.  :)  And we still get to have our date next week!  so excited!  Happy love day everyone! 


I'm not a flake.  promise.  I just have really bad timing.  As soon as I decided I'm going to devote more time and energy into the blog, J decided it was time to take the computer in for repairs.  nice.  SO, a few weeks later, we have the laptop back...still doesn't work...and I'm going to try to upload as much as possible before he takes it back in.

Coming up later tonight on the blog:
*Love day. 
*New exciting stuff coming up for Emma bean.
*finals. finals. and more finals.
*craft night fun.

That's all I will promise to do tonight cause, let's face it...

i'm a flake.