Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday boy!

January 27th was J-boy's big 22nd birthday! For his first birthday being married I wanted to take him to the Lion King show at Mandalay Bay. I was listening to the radio at work one day this last December and heard about a saaaweet deal for a 2 for 1 price and couldn't pass it up! So I got the tickets for the Saturday after his birthday.
Try as I might, he is JUST like my dad in that he can guess what he's given without even being given a hint of any kind. I wanted to make it a surprise....but if he really is like my father, that will NEVER happen. Oh well, I'm accepting it.

We had SUCH a fun time! Jamison and I both love disney movies, and we were both SO captured by the songs, the actors, everything! And we were in the perfect spot too. It was oh so much fun! I'm a nerd though, and forgot to take pictures, though we carried the camera around with us! Oh well, I'm more of a, "live in the moment" type girl anyway.

Life is good. Time is short. Work is tedious.

C'est la vie!

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