Monday, December 5, 2011

1 month!!!

Where has the time gone? Our Emma is already 1 month old today. Goodness, it seems like her birth day was just the other day, but it also seems like it was such a long time ago.

Emma is our little angel baby. From day 1 she's been the most peaceful and content baby. She only really cries when she needs something or when she's super tired...but really, she's such a dream girl. And the cutest little one!

Things she's done within the past month of life:

*she grunts ALL the funny!
*in the first couple of weeks she would cross her eyes and do the Elvis lip curl just before tooting.
*She puckers her lips up, and makes me want to kiss her all over, cause it's so cute!
*she's got SUCH a strong neck! All the nurses noticed at the hospital, and people will comment whenever they see her about how strong she is. Her legs are super strong too.
*she loves to stretch and we LOVE to see her stretch. SO CUTE
*she sounds like such a girl when she cries. They're cute little kitty cat cries. And she'll make little wimpers that sound like she's talking to us. I only wish I knew what she thinks about.
*she is good with just about anyone. We've had visitors and she behaves well with all of them.

Anyway, to wrap it up, Emma is our little love bug. She's the sweetest angel and we are just so grateful she came into our lives 1 month ago today. I love you Emma bean. :)
- Mommy

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