Sunday, March 4, 2012

My girl.

I love her. Tomorrow my little Em will be 4 months old. Dang they grow so fast. I will post her stats on the 6th, after her checkup.

She's my little angel. I'm SO grateful for this little one.
I loved these pictures so much I just had to put them up on the blog.

Here she's playing with her little lips. It's what she does to pass the time.

I'm a sucker for the puppy dog lip every. time. ...and she does it often. SO cute.

She and daddy all bundled up ready to go for a *cold* walk.

Playing with her daddy.

And...just so I feel better about not being as crafty as others in the blog's something I made that's {pinterest} inspired. It's not quite done. Not all my jewelry is hung up, and I still have to screw in the screw eyes for my earrings...but it's getting there. And I love it!

I hope everyone had a nice Sunday!


  1. she is soooo cute! can't wait to see her again!

  2. amy writeeee! i wanna hear about emma! :)