Sunday, March 10, 2013

.date night.

we love it when good friends come over to hang out, especially matt and chantal stewart.  they are seriously so much fun.  jamison and i always have a blast when we get together with them. 
friday was no different.  they came over for dinner, and emma was immediately hooked to matt as soon as they arrived.  she wouldn't let him leave her side.  she didn't even want dinner, though she ate at mommy's request with much reluctance.  she just could not get enough of him.  poor guy!
there were a couple of times that matt tricked emma into taking chantal to play with her in the living room.  emma would play for a bit, and then call for matt to play with her again.  SO funny.
we caught this cute little video of her with their little game.  he was such a trooper...good future daddy practice. ha.
here's a glimpse of their fun.  (and of course, my little dancer had to stop mid-game to dance to one of her favorite songs. haha.  love her)
 after emma finally went down to sleep the stewarts and pruitts ended the night with a little ice cream and wreck-it ralph.  lotsss of fun.  love them.  we had such a fun night!
we even did a mini follow-up date night tonight for the Zion's Youth concert at the smith center - always so good!   can't wait for our next date night with them!  

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