Monday, July 19, 2010


I LOVE this {boy}!
What would I do without my ANGEL?
Why hello everyone! Welcome to the newly made blog that will accompany us as we start our life together. My old blog-though not well known...and for good reason (I NEVER wrote on there because I was not all that interesting enough: not that I am now...but this will keep all my college pals caught up!)- will be leaving us and be kept for journalistic purposes.
Here is a list of To-Do's for the blog world once we've found time to do so:
1. The Proposal story (which is also our first date...yeah I'll explain later!)
2. Being prep
3. Engagement pictures in LV, St. George, and Salt Lake City
4. Meeting Pruitt/Hoskins Family!
5. Finding living quarters
6. BRIDAL shower!?!
...and SO much more!
I will try my very best to keep ya'll up to date on the going-ons in the Fernelius/Pruitt lives!
Welcome to our blog...enjoy! :)

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