Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A few pictures to start...

This is the living room of our apartment, we never did put up the rest of the pictures before moving out. There really wasn't place on the walls to hang them up, and with both of us working, there just never was time to put them up took us 2 and 1/2 months to get the picture up of the Savior.
This is just the dining area of the house. Somehow I haven't taken pictures of the whole house yet, I thought I did...but again we've been so busy. We aren't even completely unpacked yet and we've been in for about a month. We are LOVING our house, and are so excited for Jamison's parents to come and stay the night with us on Saturday. Which reminds me, gotta get those boxes out of the guest room to fit the bed frame for the guest bed. We have a lot to do this weekend! eck!
Thanksgiving in St. George was spent at Jamison's uncle's place. I met some cousins and aunts/uncles that we didn't see at the wedding, and we had fun with the family. :) That was Thursday, the rest of the weekend was spent packing and moving from the apartment to the house ---all the big things anyway ---.
And as always, Thanksgiving can not exist without nap time! :D (This is Kent, Jamison's stepdad).
And we ended out our stay in Utah with a visit to meet Jamison's grandfather on his mom's side. And he is a crack up! He had us laughing so hard. In this picture he was putting hot sauce on his ice cream. We all didn't believe that he eats it on his ice cream, but he did it, AND ate it...and somehow seemed to enjoy it! Whatever floats the boat! :) It was a fun and exciting weekend.
Now we're all moved into the house, and we're slowly putting everything in it's place. It's so weird to actually have a place for everything, and on top of that, to be the one to decide where I want everything to's weird. But fun! And we'll hopefully have everything unpacked by the time Jamison's parents come Saturday afternoon. Crossing fingers! I'd better get off here.... wish me luck! :)

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