Monday, April 29, 2013


i share everything i have.  honestly.  i share my food.  i share my car.  i share my bed - which i'm not complaining about... :)  i share my blanket, i share my shampoo. i share my time. i share my energy. i even share my clothes with my sisters!  even emma is not entirely mine..which is great because i love that she has so many people to love on her.  the point is i don't really have anything to myself.  anything, that is, except him.  he is mine....he is all mine.

i love my husband so much.  more than i can ever describe.  he makes me feel like a queen every. single. day.   his dad taught him well.  i don't know what i did to have him.  i certainly don't deserve him.  but he chose me.  he loves me.  and i'm crazy about him...

i don't say that enough.  he really is the best husband and father i have ever seen.  he leads and guides our daughter with gentleness and in loving ways.  i have never heard him raise his voice to emma.  ever.  and he guides and counsels me with everything i deal with daily.  i honestly don't know what i'd do without him. 

he works soo hard at everything he does and deals with each trial our family faces like a champ.  there isn't anything he can't face with a smile and a positive attitude, and that's something i will always admire in him.

he's funny.  he's smart.  he's inspired.  he's led.   he's hott.  he's friendly.  he's kind.  he's helpful.  he's shexy.  he's sweet.  he's thoughtful.  he's loving.  he's perfect.
he's mine.  {thank heavens}

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