Tuesday, May 14, 2013

.mother's day.

mother's day is so nice around here.  my two loves have spoiled me two years in a row.  jay and emma began the celebrations on saturday when we all went to dinner at red robin, and we all loved it!  even emma was loving the food, and she typically doesn't last long.  she'll take a few bites and be done and want to run around, but she was eating away this time, which made it nice because mom and dad were actually able to sit together and eat.

afterwards we made a quick trip to rod works -such a fun home décor store- and picked up a couple of things that mommy's been hoping to get. :)  then we called it a night, went home, put emma to bed, and ended the evening by watching {safe haven} with rachel.  such a fun night.

sunday daddy was sweet enough to make the family breakfast, and then we were off to church.  all the women in the ward received corsages for the day, and we had lessons focused on motherhood and womanhood.  very spiritually enlightening lessons that I enjoyed hearing and being a part of for sure.

we got home, had a lovely dinner also prepared by daddy, and then spent the evening cuddling and loving on the most precious girl that made me a mommy.  she makes me SO happy to be a mommy.  it's the hardest job I've ever had.  it's exhausting with my little super active baby.  it's tiring and sometimes more than I can handle in one day.  BUT it's also the most rewarding, most wonderful, most beautiful job I've ever had.  emma makes our days so much fun, filled with laughter and happiness.  i wouldn't have my life any other way.

thank you Jamison for making this the best mother's day I've ever had, simply because i got to spend it with you and our sweet daughter.  and thank you my little emma bug, for making me the happiest mommy there ever was.  i love you baby girl!  i can't wait to have many more mother's days ahead, and i hope to always be reminded each year how blessed i am to be a mother. 



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