Sunday, May 26, 2013

.the wall.

ever since emma took her 6 month pictures I've been wanting to put them up on our living room wall.  i had NO idea how to do, all i knew is that i wanted it to be perfect.  lucky for me i had a few ideas already posted on the ever-popular pinterest, so we fiddled with a few ideas and finally decided on this one (and tweaked it a bit, since we only had like 3 landscape pictures from the session). 

we got the canvas all ordered and put up within a matter of a month after having the pictures taken.  and then we got the candles from our favorite store, LOVE their coupons by the way.  it has saved me so much money.  i'm there like every other week.  seriously all we need is an ikea in vegas and every weekend for the rest of the year would be busy going from one store to the other.  fun.

all we needed to get left were prints that we wanted in the 4 frames.  i don't know why but that part took us forever.  even when we finally ordered them and got them in the mail, they sat on my dresser for months.  we got the frames and glass, (again from my fav store) and had everything ready to go, and it sat.  don't ask why.  we've been busy, that's for sure.  but it's something I've been so excited about that i don't understand why i didn't jump on it right when we had everything we needed.  the only thing i didn't have was the vinyl, but everything else could've gone up.  i'm a procrastinator. oh well.

i am so excited to announce that after all this time (and after so much growing on Emma's part - she doesn't even look the same anymore), we {finally} have the wall done.  if i had my way we would've painted the wall too...but one step at a time i guess.  someday i will have everything in the house exactly the way i envision it...but that'll take lots of time, energy, and money!  haha.  but at least, for now, we have our wall all done.  and we LOVE it.  yay!

(excuse the nasty lighting. these pictures were taken at night, and with a single lamp; makes for some really bad pictures.)

thank you pinterest!  don't know what i did before it became so popular.  i just wish it was around for my wedding!  but that's for a different post. ha. 

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