Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The key

Today was the day to get the keys to the house, and as excited as I was, I could NOT wait until after work to get them, so on my way to work I stopped by and got the key, showed my mom around in the house briefly, and went to work with the longing to stay at the house and get things moved already.
Jamison stopped by during his lunch break, unable to get in, but also just longed to get in already....and make the house our home.
I'm just SO excited! And I can't wait to decorate the house for Christmas and the fall, and light yummy scented candles, and really make the place feel warm and cozy...which is where the fireplace will come in handy.
It's just such a cute house with a lot of charm, and we're excited to get in tonight and start this next chapter in our lives. The apartment was a much needed blessing, and served its purpose, and we're so grateful to have had it. And we're ready to move on....to a new home and new ward/stake. Exciting!!! I promise that pictures will come up soon. Of the apartment and the house. :)

YAY! I'm a happy girl. We are SO blessed.

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