Monday, November 22, 2010

New casa

We are now in our new home! We don't have everything moved from the apartment to the house yet, but we've got the essentials, so we're good for now until we find time this weekend maybe to move the couch/tv/and other big items in the kitchen.
We. Are. LOVING. the house! And we lose each other in it because it feels SO big in comparison to our apartment. At first I felt a little uneasy about the location, not knowing very much at all about the area of town, but after living there for a few days now I feel so safe it's ridiculous.
I took loads of pictures of the apartment before packing up, and of the house, but the camera is currently M.I.A. so when I find it in this move I'll post some "before and after" living quarters for Jamison and Amy Pruitt.
Funny story: Sunday we went to "our" ward for the first time, and finally when we could introduce ourselves as "The Pruitts" instead of people knowing me by my maiden name, Jamison goes ahead and says, "Well, I'm Jamison Pruitt, and this is my wife - Amy Ferne....ugh...err...Pruitt." nice jamison....nice....

We're loving it so far! Good thing too, because I was really really nervous that the transition would be a hard one for me, but we love it. It's really nice to start fresh with my hubby.

By the way - made dinner last night on our stove - i'm in Heaven. And so is Jamison because he finally gets nice warm and yummy food. Nothing better than homemade goodies.

Pictures to come shortly. As for now - I've got TONS more moving to do. Later!

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