Thursday, November 4, 2010


SO SOOO excited about Thanksgiving this year, being our first year together/married. we will be going up to St. George Wednesday night after work and spend through Thursday night with Jamison's parents/family. And we plan to spend the rest of the weekend with my family here in Vegas.

It might sound weird but I feel like a grown up going to the "in-laws" for a family gathering. And I'm so stoked about what to bring, it's between these options:

1. homemade pumpkin roll (2 or 3)
2. 4 layer pumpkin cake
3. drinks IN a pumpkin (such a cute idea I wanna try sometime, easy and cute)
4. or just forget the pumpkin all together and just bring a couple homemade lasagnas.
5. OR homemade YUMMY sugar cookies like those from this website.

Decisions decisions. Still deciding...

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