Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm in love...

Jamison has a few days off this week, so he took me to work this morning and I casually suggested he stop by for lunch so we could be together. Later on he texted me to see what time to stop by for lunch, and I brushed it off and told him not to come.

But to my surprise he came anyway, and made me SO happy! I love being with my boy, and I was so happy to see him walk in the door of my office. He even dressed up all nice JUST. FOR. ME. I don't deserve this boy. I really really don't.

A trip to taco bell, and a few minutes filled with angry birds made my day. AND he decided to stick around the rest of the day since I go to lunch later in the day, that way once I'm done we can head on home.

What else can I say??? I'm in love.......

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