Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I can't believe it!

I have NEVER won anything in my life.


And because of this I rarely enter contests because . . . well why do it if I'm always going to lose? right??? Well, I felt like giving it a shot the other day, and boy was it worth it.

I found a contest going on facebook with Pianoguys. The contest was to win either an apple iPod or iPad. First of all, I had no idea what either were to tell you the truth. But I did know that a lot of friends really enjoy theirs so I said to myself, "Hey self! Why not try it for kicks!" So once I stopped being a nerd talking to myself, I entered the contest and invited friends.

The drawing was held on December 20th, and low and behold....here's what they said,

"The Winner of the Apple iPod is... "Amy Fernelius Pruitt" CONGRATULATIONS!!!

email paul@thepianoguys.com to claim it, and include the best number to call you."

I was SHOCKED! I didn't believe it. I had won an apple iPod! What was the next thing I did you ask? I went online, hopped on over to google, and searched for a good little while about what the apple iPod touch was really all about. Yeah I know, I am SO cool right?

So I received the iPod on the 23rd and have really enjoyed it since! My family enjoys doodling on it, and even the Jay man likes playing angry birds on it, which is so cute to watch! Anywho....long post made longer....it was such a neat gift, and I'm grateful to have it.

The pianoguys do contests often on facebook so take a look over there, who knows? You might be a first time winner too. ;) Did I mention they work with Jon Schmidt and have given away free tickets to see him perform?? mmmhmmmm..... :)

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