Friday, October 29, 2010


Well, first of all, the whole "top ten tuesday" thing: SO out the window. I don't have anything near interesting enough to say every tuesday, and even I'm bored reading what I write. So yeah, done with that.
Jamison and I have been looking and looking into finding a house to rent or at least a better apartment space, and with much prayer and earnest seeking we've found a beautiful place that we're really excited about!

Sunday the 24th of October Jamison and I went to a fireside at the Lindell building and he found an ad on the bulletin about renting a house in the Las Vegas Stake Center area, so he called on it and got a call back immediately from the owner saying he'd be in town Monday and could show us the house. Well I had to work on Monday so Jamison went during his lunch break, and I just thought I'd leave the decision making up to him and trust his judgement, but he ended up picking me up early from work and going to take a look at the house together.
We LOVED it! I mean, all I needed to see was a stove/oven and I would be in HEAVEN, and it was really such a cute little place. . .AND it had a stove/oven! haha.
Well, we prayed about it, and thought about every little detail involving the move and if it was right for us at this time, and we made the decision by Tuesday morning and decided to go ahead and do it! So, we'll be getting the keys on the 16th of this month and will move in on the 20th.

WOW! Crazy! Seriously, a pattern I have noticed with Jamison and myself is that whenever something NEEDS to happen, everything just falls into place for us. In the period of 3 days we went from being in the Palmhurst ward, in our little apartment with no plans on moving anytime soon, to -boom- moving into a house; new ward; new neighborhood, etc. It's crazy, but we're SO excited! It feels like we're really beginning to start our new life together, in a new environment with people we don't'll be SO different, SO new for us, SO scary!

But we're ready. I'm ready. I love my ward, my family, my friends, my current neighborhood and all I grew up knowing, but it's time for us to start anew, just the two of us. And I'm finally ready for that.

So here's to a new beginning! *let's hope I make it through*

I'll post pictures of the house soon......... :)

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  1. Oh Amy, Your post brought me back in the past when we as newlyweds attended a different stake and had fun making friends. It was an awesome experience! You will enjoy and learn more about each other