Friday, February 15, 2013

.emma news.

i'm been planning on making a blog just for emma, and future pruitt babes, to update on big and little things, all revolving around our babies.  as soon as the blog is up and running i will post the link on here for others to enjoy, particularly family near and far.  she changes so much every day.  she is learning and growing and loving life.  she truly is our love and everyday joy.  and i'm so excited to finally have it centralized in one place. 

it's gonna be great.  so so excited to start organizing a bit more with the blog world.  i'll update as soon as i can.  for now...time to go get it all set up and running. 

have a fantastic friday, and an even better long weekend. 

for the sake of picture love, here's a few of emma playing hide and seek before bedtime. 

                                                                                                        .love her. 

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