Friday, February 15, 2013

.love day.

J and I decided that we would celebrate Valentines day by going on a nice date next week since he had a final on the 14th, and I had to work until 4.  So, we didn't plan on anything.  I got home from work, put Emma down for a quick little power nap, and then my mom took Emma and I to get her a big girl potty chair.  

.way excited about that by the way.

We got back to my house by about 8pm, and we walked into the kitchen and found J standing there with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, dinner made, dishes washed, and this cute sign on the floor.

okay, if I haven't already said he's a keeper....there you have it.  i really thought the plan was to have a day to ourselves next week.  but seriously, I really needed this nice surprise.  i didn't need it extravagant or anything, i just needed to feel the love for a day because we currently have SO much on our plates right now and it can be really overwhelming.  and I've been sick for about a week now.  this was perfect.

perfect dinner.  he made this enchilada recipe from scratch the first time he ever cooked for me.  sweet memories.

.even Emma enjoyed daddy's surprise.

.she got a light up necklace and bubbles for vday and had a great time...

..until bedtime.  no more bubbles = sad emma.
after we fed and put the baby down we enjoyed dinner and watched a movie.  i really needed to be with my sweetheart after a long hard week.  this was perfect.

 i'd post a pic of J and I.  he looked amazing as usual.  I was sick.  with no makeup. and a sloppy bun.  no thanks.  So enjoy Emma.  :)  And we still get to have our date next week!  so excited!  Happy love day everyone!