Friday, February 15, 2013

.let's celebrate.

i'm all about celebrating whenever someone has a birthday around here, and january 27th was J's birthday.  he's the most fun to celebrate with, in my humble opinion.  ;)  i wanted to take him to eat and get him a new outfit or something.  we've been wanting to try the oh so popular Max Brenner and i thought it was the perfect time to try it out.  so, i made reservations the week before and planned to go on the 26th since his birthday fell on a sunday this year. 

i was giddy, mostly because he had absolutely no clue where we were going.  he always guesses what we're going to do before we do i was thrilled he couldn't get it right this time. 

we drove down, and by the time we got to caesars he knew what we were there for.  seriously, i'm sad he haven't been there before now.  it was so good.  so deliciously good.  i would have licked the plate if i could.  he had a brenner burger.  i had a sloppy joe type thing.  and we topped off dinner with a yummy "sharing" fondue.  SO good.  so so good. 

then we stopped over at h&m and got him a couple of button up shirts that he's been wanting.  and we followed up by running an errand - dropping the laptop off at best buy to get fixed (still not working).  and then headed for home.

such a great night.  we ended it with a little cup of hot chocolate with heart marshmallows, popcorn, and richie rich.  he's been wanting that movie for a while.  loved it as a little boy so he wanted to relive the memories.  he lovedd it!  score! 

birthday morning he had his requested breakfast, a few kisses from emma and mommy.  and a nice relaxing day at church with a couple of love notes.
 i wrote him a love note from emma and i on a heart shaped paper.  and emma made painted footprints in the shape of a heart on a paper with a note on the side that said "from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes, i love you.  happy birthday daddy".  super cute idea from pinterest. he loved it.

we had a nice couple of days together.  filled with new happy memories.  a big thanks to my dad for watching emma for us while we were able to have saturday to ourselves.  i don't know what i'd do without my family there for me.  for us.  they are the best.  :)  happy belated birthday lover boy.  and here's to many many more together.

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  1. Thank YOU for letting me be a part of your little angel's life. I enjoy every moment I get to be with my favorite baby....