Saturday, February 16, 2013

.more birthday fun.

tiffany's birthday was the 6th of this month, but since it was in the middle of the week everyone had different schedules - including the birthday girl - so we waited to celebrate on sunday the 10th.  she's 21!  i still can't believe that.  here are some pictures to commemorate her special day.

.birthday cake. 

 .Emma really likes hanging out with her aunts and uncles.
.when did he grow up?.
  . she was so excited about the cake she was doing a dance.
 .tiff had some help opening her gifts.

 .happy birthday tiff!.
 now stop growing up!


  1. yay for blogging! I'm excited your blogging again!!!

  2. thanks! I'm glad too. there's so much i've been meaning to write and always put it off. now it's time for you to write some cute posts about sweet baby kaden!!!