Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Morning Misc.

Wishing it was not Monday....really really wishing. Mondays are the days that I am Jamison-deprived from 8am to 10:30pm. My least favorite thing.
I have discovered that my absolute favorite days are now Saturday and Sunday. I know that's how it is for most people, but I really didn't have a preference...until now.
Moving on...pumpkin pie milkshakes are yum! My new project will be cake pops. That'll happen later this week I'm thinking.
I am READY for Thanksgiving. I'm ready to be with family for a whole weekend, and this year will be very different! I have spent every Thanksgiving with my family for 19 years, and now for my 20th I will spend Thanksgiving day with Jamison's parents, and then the weekend with my family (mostly because J has to work Friday so we can't stay in St. George for longer than a day.)
Craving Pride and Prejudice.
I want to go back to sleep.
....this is going to be one. long. week. ...

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