Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

1. Struggling to get all our thank you cards out. I want to personalize them all, and because of that it's taking a LONG time. Please bear with me, I'm getting them done, and we really are so very grateful for everyones love and kindness.
2. I'm bruised, broken, and bleeding. I've turned into a clutz since the wedding. The other day I scraped my arm with my fingernail and bled for what seemed like hours. Then yesterday I fell on a bridge and scraped up my knee with managing to bruise my arm. FUN! mmhmm..
3. Beauty and the Beast on DVD coming out today, makes for a happy Amy.
4. We finally hung up a picture and our clock. The plan is the hang up the rest of our photos once I decide where I'd like them placed. Hopefully this Saturday! The apt. is starting to feel like home.
5. More friends should start blogging. I miss so many of my HS friends who are now still on missions or off at college. Time to start those blogs!
6. Homemade hamburgers are on the menu for this week, with a side of fried potatoes and salad. Yum!
7. I'm a lotion freak.
8. I had a friend once, his name was sleep. Now he's lost and I'm desperately trying to find him. If anyone finds him please contact me immediately!
9. A lot of my friends are pregnant. It gets me thinking, I am old enough to have children. And not only am I old enough, but I am officially capable of it. I am married, sealed for eternity to my sweetheart, and at any time we can have a baby if we wanted to. Crazy. It's a little overwhelming just thinking about it. I don't feel old enough/mature enough/wise enough to have a baby. We'll see how times change and my attitude changes once I actually AM pregnant.
10. Is it 6pm yet? Or better yet: is it Friday yet?

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