Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mr. Sun

I know this guy, he's pretty formal and goes by Mr. Sun to most...I just call him sunny poo...cause we're that close. You know how people often tell you that's it's nice to get to know someone, but not to get to know them too well because problems in the relationship may occur???
I am witness to that statement. I know Mr. Sun too well, and I would really appreciate it if he'd dim up our relationship a bit, just until next summer of course. Don't get me wrong...I love Mr. Sunny poo....but I'm ready to become reacquainted with rain and breeze and the weather that fall and winter bring.
It can be really hard to break up a good relationship though...hmm....maybe I'll write him a letter...yeah, that'll smooth things over.

Dear Mr. Sun,
Thanks for the fun times. The bbq's. the swimming sessions and flipflop weather. the popsicles and watermelon. thanks for the good times. thanks for the laughs and family get togethers. It was fun, but now it's time to move on for a while; part ways. I hope you'll understand. I really do. Please don't take it personally, you've known for some time now that I feel this way around this time every year. And I hope to catch up with you once more next May. Until then I leave you.

......Seriously though....it's too hot. Please get cooler soon!!! I want to be in Utah sooo bad to see the leaves changing colors. Who wants to come?!? I'll buy you some licorice. :)

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  1. :D You're so funny Amy! I'm so glad you're MY sister and not anyone else's MUAHAHAHA. MU MUA MUAHAHA