Monday, September 27, 2010


This weekend was lovely!

With Jamison in school we oftentimes go our separate ways in the morning to work, and then after he goes to school, and we don't see each other until 10:30ish at night. By that time we are both soooo done that we get home and go straight to sleep.

Well, Friday I had decided that it was time to take a "time for us" date. So, after we both got off of work and he got some studying done (aka: nap) we went out to the Suncoast Buffet...yum! It was so stinking good. And we were both super hungry, so it was so wonderful.

After we took a skip and a hop on over to buy tickets to watch the {Legend of the Guardians} in 3D(as it was opening night) and we had found out that we were the very first to buy the tickets for the movie-which we found to be SO weird, but hey! A whole movie theater to ourselves...I wasn't going to complain! It has happened once before when we saw "How to Train Your Dragon".

I really didn't like a lot of the messages in the movie, but the scenery was beautiful and captivating. Not really one that I would be super anxious to see again though. While we were waiting for the time to get closer Jamison said, "I want to show you something!" So he led me over to the escalators and we then boarded the elevator, and made our way to the rooftop. We then spent a few precious moments looking out over Las Vegas at the shimmering lights. It was breathtaking.

We spent a moment there just collecting our thoughts and being at peace, and then made our way back down to watch the movie that Jamison had been waiting anxiously for for a while.

We made our way home after-what we felt was-a much needed break from work/school/and everyday worries. What a wonderful day!


We had made plans to go to the temple, set up our tv, set up the vacuum we recently purchased, and hang up all our pictures that are STILL leaning up against the wall waiting to be hung. That would be a long day in itself, and to top it off Jamison had plans to study long and hard for an exam on Tuesday. FUN!

Well......instead!!!!!!!!! We woke up to a phone call from Jamison's mom asking us to meet her and Kent-her husband-at Hallie's soccer game (Hallie is Jamison's niece). Of course we were excited to go! But I couldn't help but think: "Well, maybe next week we'll get the pictures hung!" haha. No chance of that now. So we went and had a great time with his parents, and brother Ben and his family. We spent quite a number of hours with them touring their new home, and having fun. Then before parting ways, we had lunch with Jamison's mom and Kent at Capriotti's. That was fun too...I miss not seeing them all the time! So it was nice to catch up for a few hours. We spent a lot longer than we should have, so we went straight home and Jamison studied for hours! Nothing else was done-too bad-we were really looking forward to our Saturday temple attendance. Hopefully sometime this week we'll make it, or Saturday sometime around General Conference. *Crossing fingers!*

And yesterday was such a wonderful Sunday, as are all Sundays when Primary kids are involved! It can be very tiring, and very stressful...but that's where I LOVE to be. And I'm so grateful for the calling. :) Our goal for the day was to really focus and keep the sabbath holy, so we watched church videos when coming home, etc. Throughout every day I've got some weird song stuck in my head...and Sunday was NO different...all day I sang (with Jamison's help of course) , "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...." Sounds weird and lame, but it's actually quite fun and amusing to try your hardest to sing poorly, and find that you really didn't need to try that hard at all!

FUN FUN weekend! I can't wait til General Conference this weekend! YAY! :)


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  2. Isn't life more interesting to blog about after getting married?! So many special memories everyday... keep enjoying this special time of your marriage life! It is beautiful!
    Oh and I need that recipe of the three ingredients PLEASEEEE!!

    P.S: I removed my last comment because I want to add something else to my comment: I enjoyed your wedding so much. You two are amazing!!!!

  3. They're GOOD! Here's the link to the website I found it on. I also found a few more recipes on there that are YUMMY!! Just so you know. :)

    LOVE YOU! I hope you are well...can't wait to see you soon!